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frequently asked questions.

cause no one has all the answers right away. 


I am a high schooler / master's student / recent grad, can I still apply?

the conference is designed for undergraduate students from the United States. our content and speakers are curated to suit the undergraduate perspective & experience, so it likely won't be as relevant for you as it could be for another student. we may make special exemptions for compelling cases, but the answer is likely to be no. 


i am not currently attending a u.s. university / college, can I still apply?

you must be enrolled in a university, college, community college or similar to qualify. applications are open to students studying in the u.s. and canada. 


i love what you are doing; are there other ways i can get involved? 

yes! visit this page to learn more about becoming a student ambassador for design nation; it's a great gig and you'll go into the draw to win an all-access pass to SXsw 2018. 


what does "all expenses paid" mean?

it means we'll cover your airfare, lodging, food, and other random conference expenses during the two-day period. design nation is very committed to ensuring our admissions are need-blind and that personal finances are never a barrier to access. shout out to our sponsors, who make this possible!